The world's Thinnest Lenses 1.76 Index

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Digital Clarity.

Near or Far

Air Progressives UHD

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Air Progressives SHD + 3600

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Air Progressives HD

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Airlenses are the world's thinnest lenses. At just 1.76 index, it is about 47% thinner than conventional lenses. They are also the most technologically advanced lenses ever made.

Airlenses are powered by Neuroscience and are customised to adapt to your own eye & facial angles. It is so Bespoke, that the power is etched individually on the lenses just for you. Airlenses, are mapped to the way your eye sees, the dispersion of the vision and it is further fine-tuned with the shape of the frame to give you personalised lenses. Much like your thumb imprint.

All Airlenses including Progressives will give you HD Clarity vision. You will see colours and objects, no matter near, intermediate or far, in all its glory. It feels like your eyes are reborn once again to see such hues.

Airlenses are available for Single Vision & Progressives. They come with different index from thin to ultra-thin – 1.6, 1.67 & 1.76. They are available with 3 coatings – ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating), BluePro (Blue Block Coating) and PhotoLite (Photochromatic). These lenses come with additional benefits like Water Repellent, Dust Repellent, Smudge-proof & Impact Resistant.